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Color is an extremely important and necessary element in life in all areas. In this article, join VTC Academy to learn about the basic principles of color in graphic design and how to combine colors to create the best effect for your design. content Color psychology – the meaning of each shade The role of color in graphic design Before further exploring the meaning of each color in design, designers need to clearly 5 guideline for understand the importance of color to design products. Color is the deciding factor in users’ emotions. For example red can cause discomfort. Black creates a feeling of sleepiness, and blue brings peace to the mind. This has proven that color plays an important role in creating an impression and attracting.

The meaning of each color in graphic design

viewers’ attention. Products designed with special colors will create a positive impression and attract customers’ attention. See more: 20 basic to 5 guideline for advanced graphic design principles for Designers role-of-cua-sac-in-thiet-ke Color is very important in creating an impression and attracting the viewer’s attention The meaning of each color in graphic design In fact, each color will have a special meaning and Country Email List expression in the design and production of products. With creative ideas and the right use of colors, we can create unique products and attract customers. Color is an indispensable element in the design and production process, making your products more special and outstanding than ever. Black Many people often.

Basic color terms

think that black brings mystery and ghostliness. However, in reality, the meaning of black also represents power combined with boldness. In addition, the color black in horror movies is often associated with bad omen. But not only that, black is also a symbol of wealth, luxury and sophistication for any product, especially in the fashion and leather goods industry. Blue The color blue in graphic USA BU design brings a sense of stability and sustainability, like the power of the sea. Blue is a symbol of the sky and ocean, making people think of vastness and immensity. Therefore, blue is a perfect choice for designs related to travel, fashion, architecture or even drinking water. Yellow For a long time, yellow has been.



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