A database is a collection of data that

This system is not the same as a parallel system which combines tightly and has a single data system. This system is distributed over joined sites and has no physical components. Through its administrator, the database can distribute a set of data across  several locations on an organized network server. Because the system is so unique, distributed databases can improve performance for end users by allowing transactions to process through multiple machines so that they don’t focus on just one machine. 1. Microsoft Access (Office) Microsoft Access logo Microsoft Access is a DBMS system that combines the Microsoft Jet Engine with software development tools. Microsoft Access stores data in its own format.

Through this software users

Can import or connect directly to data stored in other   . Microsoft Access is very suitable for use in information systems with distributed   . Because file storage does not require an active database server , it is portable . D. Relational  Relational  or relational database is a database that organizes based on a data relationship whatsapp number list model. Lots of software uses this system to organize and maintain databases through the relationship of each data. Generally, all systems use Structured Query Language (SQL) as the programming language for database maintenance and queries . 1. MySQL MySQL logo MySQL is a system for relational database management.

Many IT products are made using

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the main components of MySQL. Several applications such as WordPress, Google, Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, and MODx use this system for their relational database management. 2. PostgreSQL PostgreSQL logo The second system which is a relational database management system is PostgreSQL. This system functions to store data safely WS Database IN and can restore the data in response to requests from other applications. PostgreSQL can work from small single machine applications to large internet applications with many users simultaneously. This system is usually used on the Mac OS server operating system, because the settings are available by default .

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