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QA Automation from Tinkoff Best Software Testing The site and get Courses for. QA Professionals and Technicians Free Tinkoff Bank automThe site and get free access vk barkovate testing course. The best students will be able to join the team. Format lessons, work with teachers. Suitable for students, beginner testers. Course duration months. Certificate n. No. Profession test engineer from Yandex practicum Test Engineer Yandex practicum Course for testers from Yandex pratkikum. The first part of the course is available for free, the rest of the program can be purchase for , rubles or monthly for , rubles, total.

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Format webinars, simulators, homework. Best for Beginner testers. Course duration hours hours. Certificate no in the free part, yes in the paid part. Basics of testing What to master? Manual testing is the backbone of the QA engineer Panama B2B List profession. Although any process can be automate, only this allows you to immeiately understand the quality of development and the state of application functionality. The main goal of a manual test is to make sure that everything works without errors and the program gives the expecte result. Definitions and basic concepts.

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To feel comfortable in a professional environment, you nee to understand the language of others, so it’s important to first understand the concepts and jargon that colleagues use. Some words may cause questions for a beginner Verification is WS Database IN the process of evaluating a system perhaps not completely, but only some components to see if the development results satisfy the conditions state at the beginning Validation assessment of software compliance with user expectations and requirements A bug report is a document describing a situation that leads to an error during testing, indicating the reasons and the expecte result. Read articles, chat in the community, learn all the unknown words.

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