Advice from my manager within Google

Can I not receive SEO advice from my manager within Google? answer: no. Google’s goal is to be fair and not be susceptible to the power of advertisers. no matter how much bargaining power an advertiser. partner or client has. the Google Ads and quality control teams are separate. In this case. even if advertising managers ask engineers to offer exclusive advice. they are instruct. to always deny these requests vehemently. So. it doesn’t matter if you are Mercado Livre and invest 100 million reais per month in Google Ads. For the quality team. which takes care of organic results. your website is just another one. Want to improve your results with Google Ads? Yes. your point of contact on the search engine can give you tips. consistent with your level of investment. Now. do you want advice on how to get more results with SEO? Be more visible in unpaid search? Use the same channels that everyone has access to. regardless of your bank account.

Google As we have already preach

The Google Webmasters YouTube channel . where we source Matt’s videos. is a good place to start. The advantages of advertising on Google As we have already preach. in other articles here. advertising on Google Ads can help. yes. but we will always prioritize the long term . that is. reconciling your advertising work with SEO work. Looking at Google Ads might be a good strategy if: your website is new and not yet index.; your company ne.s quick results. in less than 3 months; your product is seasonal; you ne. to jumpstart a launch or campaign  new data quickly; your business cannot commit to the long term. Note that none of these reasons – perhaps with the exception of the last – are an imp.iment to your company investing in SEO.

Before we go into some possibilities

As we said above. investment in organic search will have characteristics that are the opposite of routine advertisements: it takes longer to get results; demands investment in content and website improvement; ne.s long-term commitment; requires constant d.ication. In other words. if your company is not in a hurry. it is quite possible that it will prefer to discard Google Ads work and focus solely on SEO. However. if we are going to exhaust the subject. there are scenarios where advertising  WS Data Basein  on Google can help SEO. When can advertising help SEO? When can advertising help SEO? Before we go into some possibilities. it is important to reiterate what we have already said here.

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