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You can search by title, URL or hashtag. The service provides detaile statistics on the effectiveness of publications by day of the week, time of day, number of subscribers, clicks on hashtags, and so on For example, here is a post performance report by time of day. The service calculates the average efficiency of publications per hour per day in relation to their average efficiency for the analyze period You can also track the dynamics of likes receive over a certain period of time Advantages Dashboards. Detaile reports and analysis. Analysis of competitors.

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You can set up keyword filters. Flaws There is no mobile app. There is no mention of the brand. You cannot work with influencers. Publication of content on multiple sites is not provide. Pur ninja Pur ninja is a delaye posting and analysis tool Honduras WhatsApp Number List for Instagram and other social networks. It allows you to work in one window with all the most popular social networks. Installation Web application. Integration There is integration with all the most popular English and Russian social networks Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Linkein, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte. Price Free trial period days. Minimum per month.

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For this cost, you can connect pages of social networks, analyze an unlimite number of posts per month. Interface Pur ninja makes it easy to create posts, scheule posts for any desire period of time, and post to multiple social networks simultaneously The service also allows you to set up a content plan a month in advance. It is enough to specify the time WS Database IN of publication and the social network for publication The Analytics section provides general statistics on subscribers, reach, and user engagement. Advantages Access to reports and analytics. Dashboards. Publication planning. Posting to multiple social networks. Flaws There is no mobile app. It doesn’t track brand mentions.

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