Again paying Google will not help you

Bring the organic result from the tenth page to the first. Not directly. But indirectly he can. In some ways: If someone sees your result in paid search and organic search. they may feel encourag. to click on organic search. which increases your organic click rate (and improves ranking); By entering the website via Google Ads. people will get to know your brand and products; This increase in visibility. even if paid. can generate notoriety for your company and make more people search for organic results for your content. Yes. it is very subjective. And it’s not easy to measure. Ideally. paid campaigns and organic campaigns ne. to be treat. separately. as Google itself explains the lack of a direct relationship.

Earning backlinks This is another potentially indirect

Now. if brand visibility is a priority. and your company has money at your disposal. it is worth considering investing in ads to increase authority and generate indirect results in SEO. Scenario 4: Earning backlinks This is another potentially indirect result of allocating advertising dollars on the search engine. As you may know. the backlink routine is one of the 3 pillars of a good SEO strategy. We’re talking about securing external links  special data  pointing to your website. Giving “votes of confidence” for your pages. Such “votes” are explicit ranking factors for Google. and invariably help your site rise in searches.

The basic premise for getting backlinks

The point is that gaining these links is not easy. The basic premise for getting backlinks is to have robust content that gives your company a reputation and ensures that other pages refer you to it. And let’s call on Matt Cutts again to explain the relationship between good content and good links: What he makes clear in the video. once again. is that your website and its content ne. to be good to earn links. But the point is. to attract these votes. your content ne.s to appear. and that takes time. And here Google Ads comes in again. You can use the Google advertising platform to  WS Data Basein  promote your pages and content. If what your company offers on your website is of great value. the chance of gaining links will increase.

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