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Sure, startup money paradigms have changed, but never rely on your personal finances solely on startup money. BUILD A BUFFER TO GET THROUGH THE LOW TIMES! A good rule of thumb is a buffer equal to 6 months of expenses + 15% extra for unexpected situations. On the other hand…. and you know that you can’t get money from anywhere but your business, it forces you to really work. Also read this:  team that works regardless of location? 2017 annual review: €86,288.20 JANUARY 2017 There was a lot of enthusiasm in January.

How did we build a remote

 I had rested at the end of 2016 and couldn’t wait to get to work. I started the year by latest database making a 12-month posting plan. I wanted to write 3 posts a week (156 posts) –> ERROR!! The workload seemed massive, which completely paralyzed me. I tried to make a condensed version of the publication plan, but the workload was already drawn on the retinas, and it refused to leave there. The focus was drowned and the sweat of pain came to the surface. Still, not once did I feel like I wanted to give up. I glanced at the release plan from time to time. I completed about 65% of it. In January, I wanted an online store for my website. I hired a professional for it because I didn’t want to spend time learning cydems. disaster. I must take responsibility for the fact that I did not tell the author in sufficient detail what I wanted.

The end result was practically a

 But if the author promises that the online store is ready for testing 5 days before the start of the marketing campaign, but in reality he only starts doing the online store then, then… However, the author took the job to the finish line, for which he gets big points. It’s not easy to pull yourself together when two angry partners are yelling in your ear and coming into your eyes through the mess. outsourced is carried out to completion: Inform the author that the work must be completed 2 weeks before the WS Database IN official publication date. Make a list of things to consider –> Give the list to the creator and make sure you are on the same wavelength. Ask the author as a professional to tell you if any part of your proposal is completely crazy –> But remember that it is not a reason to change the plan.

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