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Be a Resident of Indonesia. As a Reward for Paid Accord to Establish Guidelines. With Its Commitment and Mandate, It Plays a Very Important Role in Maintain the Authenticity and Relevance of the Annual Electoral Process. The Purpose of All These Processes is Also to Conduct a Clean, Honest, Reasonable and Democratic Election. Chairpersons of Political Election Committees at All Levels Who Are Requir to Eventually Become Memrs, Includ the Chairman and Vice-chairman, Shall Not Be Candidates for Political Elections. Memrship Consists of Long-term Memrs and Short-term Memrs. The Ne to Eventually Become a Participant is. Indonesian Citizens Are at Least 10 Years of Age at the Time of Determination of Age. Loyal to the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Gathers Unaffect by Various Other Emotions, Be Reasonable and Stay in the Work Area. In Good Physical and Mental Condition. Have at Least a Secondary School Degree or if You Have Any Questions About Where and How to Use You Can Contact Us Through Our Own Web Pages. Match and. Not Jail for Criminal Activity as a Result of an Actual Legally Yahoo Email List Bind Court Decision Within the Past Year. Documents Requir for Registration Candidates for Political Election Officials Are Requir to Prep Numerous Records for the Registration Process. These Include Registration Letter, Id Copy, Diploma Copy, Stamp Declaration Letter, Health Certificate, Resume and Shadow Photo. All These Documents Are Certainly the First Requirements to Register as a Candidate. A Registration Letter is a Sign.

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Register as a Police Officer. Copies of Id Cards and Diplomas Serve as Evidence of the Officer Candidate’s Identity and Education. A Mark Declaration Letter Will Certainly Confirm That the Prospect Wishes to Become an Officer and Will Fulfill His Obligations Well. Mical Certificates Are Requir to Ensure That Officer Candidates Are in Good Physical and Mental Health. Returns Will Provide an Introduction to the Police Officer Candidate’s Background and Experience. And Shadow Photos Will Be Afghanistan Mobile Numbers Us for Officer Identification. By Prepar All These Documents Officer Candidates Will Be Able to Register Efficiently and Fulfill All the Essential Requirements. The Registration Process for the 2018 Elections Has a Numr of Requirements That Ne to Be Met for Those Intend to Become Participants in the.

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