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Meia persons in the same Instagram take from thousand for story or post with a recommendation. They are usually handle by manufacturers of high end products. Step. Serious shenanigans with statistics After the first successful experience, I decide to find advertisers myself. She joine special groups on Facebook and thematic communities on Telegram, began to directly knock on big brands. Here I ran into the first difficulties advertisers requeste screenshots of profile statistics, but left much to desire. Only of my audience came from Russia.

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But Cairo, which ranks second in the ranking of the most popular cities, le to the fact that most of my subscribers were deceive. With a flick of the wrist, using the usual paint , I turne percent into and simply painte over the cities that I did not like. I was Oman WhatsApp Number List lucky with the age group the range from to is considere the most optimal, so I didn’t even have to change it. Most of my members were men. At first I decide that I would not correct this fact, but soon I change my mind and after the first refusal of some advertisers, I began to provide a screen that showe that the vast majority of my target audience were women.

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By the way, the advertiser did not notice the problem in any screenshots of other statistics. Free account promotion Not everyone has the opportunity to contribute at the beginning of a profile promotion. In this case, the best ways to promote your WS Database IN account are presente, and best of all, they are free. Of course, their effectiveness cannot compete with advertising, but they also work and allow you to express yourself on the network Hashtags most often written under the photo to attract new subscribers and view the publication in the recommendations.

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