Including marital status or future plans related to having children or offspring, are not warranted. It is also completely unacceptable to investigate a candidate’s sexual orientation. He must not feel discriminated against because of his age or gender. Religious employers must respect the religious beliefs of job applicants. , so it’s an invasion of privacy. Political Views Beware of questions about political views.

Confession is important to a lot people

If he or she thinks a particular political group is favored. Police Clearance While some applicants include police clearance certificates, recruiters should not bringup this topic during interviews. Information about possible past crimes may affect the Serbia Email List assessment of a candidate. Physical activity It is meaningless to ask a person whether he is physically active and plays sports if it is not related to his professional responsibilities. Candidates may see it as a body issue, be suspicious of sexism, or feel discriminated against because of their weight. Recruitment interviews Of course, in special cases, recruiters can bring up these topics and ask candidates questions in this regard.

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Sometimes it is even advisable

To ask about a clean criminal record and ask for proof when applying for a job as a teacher, financial advisor or security guard. Likewise, a recruiter may ask a woman if she is applying for a position where working in this state could be dangerous WS Database IN to her and her children. Course How to Hire Employees Effectively Course How to Hire Employees Effectively View Courses Course How to Do Well in Recruitment and Get a Job Course How to Do Well in Hiring and Get a Job See Courses Junior Front End Developer First Job job see course. How to Respond to Inappropriate Recruiter Questions.

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