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The security of knowing where the traffic to their website has come from. Unlike pay per click techniques, affiliate networks do not put you at risk, since the payment made to the affiliate network is define base on valid results and not by clicks or impressions. Affiliate marketing can be done in two ways: direct or indirect affiliation, through affiliate networks. In both cases, the affiliates have the goal of directing visits to your website.

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As if they were virtual commercials . This type of strategy begins its cycle when a user visits a web page of an affiliate, a space where, in addition to consuming its web content, they are impacte by your advertising a Argentina Mobile Database promotion, a branding ad, etc. At that moment, the user can be intereste in the banner with your advertising and click.

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It is possible that, later, they perform a certain action on your website, such as completing a contact form, making the purchase WS Database IN of one of your products, downloading a program that you offer, clicking on a space on your website, etc. . When the user performs the preefine action, the affiliate charges a commission or, what is calle in marketing.

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