Teachers are not liste. Course duration You can go at your own Can Also Create Polls pace. The cost is rubles. ConvertMonster Internet Marketing Can Also Create Polls Agency Course “Instagram Marketer. ” This is an update training course for specialists in maintaining and promoting Instagram accounts with training for your project. professional Instagram marketer Course name Duration Service Format Numbetr of lessons Access to the course Cost, rub Help graduation document.

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Instagram marketer see the program two month practical exercises with homework, live webinars twice a week lessons forever from there is an Turkmenistan B2B List installment plan for , and months support from curator certificate What you get master the most effective ways to maintain and promote a page on Instagram targete advertising, blogger advertising, learn how to work with a content plan, write posts for various requests, create interesting stories, manage different formats of materials.

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You will understand all the processes of maintaining and promoting Instagram, learn how to attract a new audience and turn regular subscribetrs into WS Database IN regular customers, find new clients and expand the range of services due to additional knowlege gaine during this training, you can work with contractors to track their performance and profits. Profitable Instagram from Maria Solodar Who is it for? Aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs.

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