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Web pages with complementary colors, but still very well matched. Tips on using colors on the site to complete this big article, I will leave you here with tips that will come in handy when you use colors on the site like a pro: take some time to choose your colors. Do not rush to ask friends and family. Choose colors based on your business image and your ideal customer type. Minimalism. Less is more. Don’t trust picasso and avoid catastrophic improvisation. Act with caution. Only highlight noteworthy content.

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If you want every button, title, box, etc. Stand out and nothing will. Use a color that will not latest database strain your eyes, as visitors will leave. Importance of call-to-action: use only accent colors, if possible, for and some details. White power: as I have told you above, white suits almost everything. Use it to provide air and clarity for your website. For paragraph texts, do not use strange colors or gray with poor legibility.

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Use color or, they are not pure black, but they look great. Use different shades of gray as a support color for part or widget backgrounds. Before you start designing your website, take the task of choosing colors seriously, because once WS Database IN you do, your brand and the feelings it conveys will depend heavily on these decisions. Don’t be innovative and be guided by color theory, because color theory was created for something.

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