Produce your own holiday decorations. For example, Chinese decorators bought toys in bazaars, and large figures were made in their own workshops. But employees came up with concepts for the future display and sent drawings to the manufacturer, who created the necessary structure. News Service: One of the New Year’s symbols of hi. the theme. That’s why the facade of Central Department Store is traditionally decorated with red bows. This department store is run by a creative team.

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Bought at international fairs, some made to order, flower Netherlands Mobile Database made locally. Every year the Central Department Store hosts a New Year’s Market, showcasing all the main features of the festival. Its toys and decorations come not only from international exhibitions, but also from Russian factories and designers who actively support it. Individual stores also make their own holiday decorations or buy them from vendors. , , , The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow and official decorator for the project: We really like to make the best possible fit for a particular place.

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Large ornaments that can also be hand painted WS Database IN Christmas decorations. But we can buy some items in specialty stores or order from China. For example, the usual Yule Ball. After the festival: January was dismantled and stored, and New Year pictures began to gradually disappear from the streets. Every ornament goes through two phases before the next holiday season: removal and storage. Removal To remove the New Year decorations, local authorities are also organizing tenders. For example, a competition for the removal and storage of fir trees and festive buildings was held in Zelenograd.

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