Digital Selling & Social Selling: Do You Know The Difference

 Do you have a way to help your audience achieve a desire result in a quick or simple way that they might not have thought of? If you shoot a test video of a few seconds before you film the actual video. You may notice distractions or problems with lighting or audio. Write out a script ahead of time and stick to the script as much as possible. Try to avoid rambling and going off on a tangent. If you nee to. Place post-it notes at key points within your line of vision. So you don’t lose your train of thought. Waiting a few seconds before you start speaking.

Leaving a few seconds

Leaving a few seconds before you hit ‘stop’ will make eiting a lot easier. Add humor if you can and avoid speaking in a monotone or sounding boring. If you do. You are sure to put new data  people to sleep. Or worse. They won’t hang around to watch the video at all. Final thoughts people have a limite attention span. So your video should be reasonably short and get right to the point. Give your target market a reason to pay attention. If you find that when you actually film your video

You get completely off-track

You get completely off-track. You can just film it again. Try to make your message helpful and fun. At the end of the video. Ask your viewers to like. Comment and share your video if they enjoye it. When filming is complete WS Database IN the footage and eit it if necessary. There are several video eiting apps available for iphone. Make sure the lighting and sound is good quality. When you are satisfie with your video. Share it online. Embe it on your blog and share it on social meia to ensure maximum exposure.

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