Digital Trafficker and what are its main functions

Have you heard about the new Digital Trafficker profession? Do you want to know what exactly the people who dedicate themselves to it do? Well, if this topic is of interest to you, stay until the end because today I will tell you everything about these professionals and I will discover what areas of the digital world you must master to be one of them. In recent times there has been a lot of talk about them in the online media, although very few are more or less clear about what functions they perform. Since, as is the case with most of the new professions born thanks to the current growing digital transformation , it takes a bit for them to obtain quick recognition in society.

What is a Digital Trafficker for and what role does it play?

A Digital Trafficker or Traffic Manager is responsible for the planning. Management and analysis of email leads Internet advertising campaigns carried out by a brand. Its main function is to compare quality traffic. With the aim of achieving the highest conversions with the minimum possible investment. His figure, within the professional horizon. is one of the most in demand today. And said profile may be specialized in one or several branches of Online advertising and must have knowledge of the latest Internet Marketing techniques and tools, which we will go into in depth later. In this way, a Digital Trafficker can design or optimize an advertising strategy according to the characteristics of the business and its market nicheI

What types of Digital Traffickers exist?

To plan This area is the basis of the entire strategy. Here you should think about the Buyer WS Database IN persona ideal customer. Customer Journey ideal customer journey. Distribution channels (social networks. Search network/display network), etc. ” Implement Once you have thought about the strategy and selected the different channels. It is time to execute it. Taking into account the budget. ” Measure There is no point in putting together a good strategy and not measuring. Which is a big mistake. If we do not measure. We will not know if the campaign is achieving its objectives or if it is going very badly and take actions to improve that problem. » Optimize It allows us to make decisions regarding campaign performance.

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