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Without automatic cleaning From rub. For a one time operation It can use to both check the blogger and upload your list of followers socialkit He knows how to find and remove rub. Per month Desktop program. Suitable for various tasks, but not economical insta plus Only cleaning subscribers can’t find bots on their own Up to rubles per month. Five days free To search for bad accounts, you nee to connect another service Zeus Limits and filters allow you to both find and clear rub. Month Free period two weeks The only task is to clear subscribers quite expensive.

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Russian language analytics services InstaHero InstaHero is a service that tracks the activity of a brand, company or person on Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, forums, blogs and review sites. Installation Web application. Integration It integrates with the most popular social networks Instagram, Twitter, VK, Facebook, YouTube, My World. It also Germany WhatsApp Number List tracks blogs, forums, online meia, and instant messaging. Price There is no free plan. There are some free services. For example, you can analyze of your profile for free. Free verification limit no more than subscribers. The cost is forme for a separate service. The price of the check is rubles.

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Interface Profile analysis is one of the main features of InstaHero. Here you can find information about the total number of followers, as well as data on how many foreign and commercial accounts of followers, native profiles and mass followers. The WS Database IN data is also presente by gender of the subscriber. Dashboards contain information about the target audience by city, age, gender, language You can also track audience activity by day of the week and time of day The Monitoring section provides information about the movement of subscribers, audience engagement indicators, top posts by the number of comments and likes.

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