Therefore, these elements will be at the lower levels of our visual hierarchy. So, with the help of size, we can create a logical reading order for the user when processing all information, from largest element to smallest element. two. Color (or Contrast) When us correctly, color also grabs our attention, but why? Is there a color that is more attractive than others? This is somewhat subjective and always depends on other factors such as context, composition, and even where the audience is coming from. However, we can generally say that the most striking colors are the most vivid, saturat and intense, and usually the warmest.

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I left you and see which color catches your attention the most. The brightest, brightest colors will always attract more attention. In order to achieve this, we can use 3 properties of color, did you think of it? Yes, they are hue (or hue), saturation and lightness (or lightness). You can learn more about colors and how to choose them in my article about color Sweden Email List palettes. Color in the Visual Hierarchy How do we use color in the visual hierarchy? The color of the color circle can also be divid according to temperature, that is, warm or cool. We will be able to take advantage of this division as there is a great contrast between cool and warm colors. color temperature. Warm and cool color contrast Of course, clever use of color contrast at different temperatures.

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The same color temperature also contributes to correct visual harmony. Or, if you’re looking for a specific color to contrast with another, I suggest you first evaluate: Complementary Formulas from Color Theory. With this formula, we will be able WS Database IN to establish colors on opposite sides of the circle, maintaining enough contrast to achieve our goal, but maintaining color harmony throughout. Example of color temperature and visual hierarchy Yes, the color variation we’re really looking for is nothing more than contrast, we can also use other assets like shapes or textures to establish focal points in the hierarchy. three.

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