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Let’s briefly discuss contextual advertising systems. Direct and Efforts Will Be Justified Advertising. We will also analyze main types of context search Efforts Will Be Justified advertising and ads in networks. Course materials Information about contextual advertising Contextual advertising systems. Types of contextual advertising stages of creation. Nodule Yandex direct This module is deicate to diving in Yandex direct. Let’s create an account in management and reveal the main functions of the advertising office. Let’s find out how search advertising works in Yandex and how advertising works in networks in Yandex YAN What is Yandex direct How search advertising works.

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How network advertising YAN works Know the interface semantic core with modules We will walk you through the entire process of creating key Ireland B2B List masks. Let’s figure out what life hacks. Are for a more thorough selection of key masks, consider various possibilities for collecting key phrases and find out how to make our semantic core s. Do that only the target audience likes it. Find Key Masks Collection of key phrases Delete key phrases. Group your keywords Module Copywriting This module is devote to advertising in two aspects technical and marketing.

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On the one hand, we will learn how to fill out ads correctly Yandex requirements, character limits. On the other hand, we will understand exactly WS Database IN what information nees to be place in advertising so that it attracts real customers. Write heading n. Write a header n. Quick links and their descriptions Link displaye Business card Announcement text How to upload ads to Yandex direct Module Preparing Campaigns for Launch This section of the course is devote to the final stage of preparing advertising campaigns setting parameters.

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