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Working with messenger and YouTubet. The basics of Find A User Who promoting on TikTok. Training takes place on a real project. Thanks to this, after the course you will have a ready made portfolio. Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate of vocational training. ConvertMonster also provides employment assistance. Curators will select current vacancies. The betst students will complete an internship at the SMM department of a marketing agency.

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Full cost , rubles. You can agree on an installment plan. The price will bet rubles. Month Head of SMM SMM team management Netology SMM Suriname B2B List Team Management is a training course from Netology. You will bet able to effectively manage an SMM team of people. This is the next stage of development in the field of SMM. SMM team management For whom Experience SMM specialists. Freelancers. heads. The course consists of webinars, practical homework assignments, case study workshops, a team game report, and an online defense.

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Program Organization of SMM department. Working with the team and budget. Work with clients. Project implementation. There is also a bonus module WS Database IN SMM director development. At the end of the course, there will bet a graduation project. This is a three week game practice. Each graduate receives employment assistance. Full cost rubles. It is possible to pay the course in installments from rubles. Month SMM specialist remote course WebPromoExperts SMM Specialist is a distance learning course from WebPromoExperts.

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