Chapter in Human History The French

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Overturned the Foundation of the

Established Order and Opened a New Revolution and Its Impact the French Revolution. Was a Watershed in Political History. The Attack on the Bastille and Related Events Not Only Changed the.The Values ​​of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity Mail Marketing to Doctors Were Inspiring Slogans That Inspired the Movement. Beyond France’s Borders. . Time. The American. Revolution Laid the Foundation for a New Type of Government. The Declaration of Independence and the Founding of the American Republic Set Global Precedents. That Instilled the Desire for Self-determination and. Democratic Rule. Social Changes Major Social Changes Occurred.

With the Breakdown of the Political System

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Traditional Norms and Hierarchies Are Questioned Leading to a Shift in Gender Roles and Class Distinctions. These Changes Continue to Have an Impact in the Fabric of. Society Today. The Revolutionary Era of Technological Advancement. Was Not Limited to Politics and Society. but Also Witnessed Significant. Scientific Developments. The Industrial Malaysia Mobile Numbers Revolution and Its Mechanization. of. Manufacturing Industries. Caused Dramatic. Changes in the. Economic. Landscape and Laid the Foundation for the Current Industrialized World. Cultural Renaissance. Despite the Upheaval. the. Cultural Renaissance Flourished. Literary and Creative. Expression Flourished, Reflecting the Turbulent Times. Extraordinary Developments in. Intellectual Thinking Produced Concepts That.

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