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Create SMM strategies Working Way Join Friends Of The Person One Of with promotion tools. Create Way Join One Of compelling social meia content Set up targete ads Work with my. Target, Facebook Instagram and. VKontakte Way Join One Of Build communities around Way Join One Of your brand Analyze advertising campaigns Way Join One Of Working with analytics in Yandex metrica and Google Analytics Way Join One Of Segment your audience Analyze competitors Promote your brand with content Working with bloggers Create advertisements Communicate with subscribetrs negative process How is the training Practical video tutorials.

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Doing homework DZ management and feeback Way Join One Of from the mentor Way Join One Of Workout at your own pace Access to lessons remains forever Close laboratories Excursions for large companies For advertising in each advertising office you will bet given rubles Uruguay B2B List Defense of the thesis Teachers All teachers practice and Way Join One Of SMM marketing professionals. More than specialists from companies such as MDK, SkillBox, UX eitor of Otkritie Bank, head of the Izvestia SMM eitorial team and many others. course instructors specialists will help you achieve results in SMM Course betnefits.

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Job Guarantee Diploma Working Way Join One Of with Way Join One Of a mentor months of English for free Installment for months First achievements during training Training in practice WS Database IN Free Photoshop Course Advertising budget rubles for each advertising agency No. SMM specialist from TexTerra Online course Training platform TexTerra Internet Marketing Agency. Suitable for The course is designe for betginners. Course duration months. Certificate or diploma yes. Occupation no. Course fee , rubles for the entire course. Installment payment is in effect.

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