How to get followers on Twitter – Tips and Tools

 How to get followers on Twitter according to 13 experts. Twitter is a micro Blogging service, which is growing in popularity year after year among marketing and social media professionals, and its organic visibility in the Google search engine is growing. In just three years it has tripled its organic presence on Google and is a magnificent communication channel for any brand, business or professional.

What is your favorite strategy to get followers

I believe that the most effective strategy to increase followers is to share valuable content periodically (the more frequent the better). To achieve this, you must take into account: Knowledge. In addition, the audience: the demographic profile (age range, sex, economic level, educational level, etc.). In addition, and psychographic profile (personality Outlook Email Lists interests, etc.) must be defined. Adjust content continuously according to indicators such. In addition, as community growth on each social network, interaction levels, reach of publications, etc.

What are your 3 favorite tools on this social network and why

What are your 3 favorite tools on this social network and why. I normally use Twitter on my mobile or iPad, so I usually work with the Twitter App, TweetDeck and especially with Hootsuite. I also use this last tool on the desktop due to its versatility, because it allows me to have the rest of the WS Database IN Twitter profiles incorporated, manage other social networks, as well as schedule updates if I know I’m going to be busy for a few hours and it is also very convenient to have all the information organized by columns on a single screen.

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