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Cost Per Action CPA ”. The difference of this type of advertising purchase with respect to other types of channels that offer pay per click or pay per impression is that it offers you greater transparency as a client and allows you to know from which affiliate site more valuable traffic is coming to your Web. The first to use this type of marketing strategy was the founder of Amazon, in 1996, when he create a method to link Amazon to a website that wante to sell divorce books.

We Will Have Concepts Of Big Data

Without marketing them directly. With each book sold on Amazon referre to from said website, said company receive a Armenia Mobile Database commission and both earne. But all this would not be possible if the technology capable of knowing where the references come from did not exist. The affiliate model requires the registration of all sales and clicks so that the client can know from which affiliate the action came from.

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This can be done independently or through the technology of a network that offers those intereste in generating more sales to WS Database IN access an affiliate program. Affiliate networks are companies that offer services for affiliates and advertisers, manage affiliate programs, advise on campaigns and have the technology to assign actions and control results. In addition.


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