know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

Have you ever thought about whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp ? I am sure that on more than one occasion, you have sent messages to your contacts and, seeing that they did not answer you, you have thought that perhaps they did not have time to read it or they left their cell phone on silent. However, in this post I would like to ask you another question that you probably haven’t thought of: that contact has blocked you on WhatsApp. Although, I must clarify that today it is almost impossible to know exactly if that is what happened. In fact, the messaging company itself informs us on its official website that they have designed these methods (which I will tell you about below) in a somewhat ambiguous way.

You can't see their profile description and statuses

Certainly, this is not a very determining indication for those who are sure that they have email database blocked you on this messaging network, although it is one more component to come to think about it. And I say this because, in reality, you yourself can hide the visibility of the date of your last connection manually. Simply, within the conversations panel, by clicking on the 3 vertical dots and selecting Settings Account Privacy you have an option called « Last time. once. From here you can choose between: All. My contacts. Nobody. Therefore, that contact for whom you cannot see this information does not necessarily mean that they have banned you from their list of admitted people, but if you finally detect someone.

Always show the same avatar image

Always show the same avatar image In this case, you cannot say 100% that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp WS Database IN if their profile photo is always the same. In fact, in my case, I always use the same image as for my social networks and I don’t usually change it too much. Despite this, most people tend to change it from time to time, this being an indication to think that there will be fluidity in the communication between the two. With this in mind, what I really mean here is that only you always see the same avatar photo of that person and yet other people can see the profile picture changes of that contact. So, we could say that “something strange is happening..

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