Start These are the first two or three words. Sometimes there are difficulties with them. How to start writing posts on Instagram? If you are face with such a problem, use ordinary, but informal words “In short, so.”, “Imagine.”, and the like. If this is a brand page and involves a more serious relationship, change the title to You, i e. write Imagine. Introduction It should be as exciting as possible so that the reader has a desire to read the entire post.

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After all, only part of the text is shown in the fee, and it should be the prettiest part of the whole post!. Connect a friend Before writing a post, consider Samoa Email List how you would tell your story to a friend. Even if you don’t have one, imagine such a situation. The main thing is that a friend should adapt as much as possible to all the characteristics of your target audience. What to post about and how to find topics for posts. There are great ideas Go to comments.

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If your account has a lot of readers, you can search for ideas for publications in the comments to your publications or in messages in Direct. Reader comments And what about those who have a small profile and few comments? Go to your competitors or those who WS Database IN write in relate niches. People ask questions in the comments. Just write down these questions. And you will be provide with new topics for publications a month in advance Pay special attention to posts that get a lot of likes and discussion in the comments. This is a guarantee that the question will be of interest to many of your readers.

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