How Do I Get a Link to an Image Search Using

One of the simplest methods for searching by image is to use the address of a given image. How to do it? Just go to and press the camera icon located on the right side of the search field displayed in the middle.

In the Paste image address tab , you should include a direct link to the image you want to search for. The next step is to click the Search button on the right and analyze the results obtained.

You can copy the image link on both computers and mobile devices. To Do This, Simply Select. All the Text in the Address. Bar if the Illustration Was. Opened in a Separate Window. Another method used for computers and laptops is to right-click on the photo and select Copy image address from the context menu.

Option for people who use Chrome

Remember, however, that on iOS computers we open this menu by clicking on the touchpad with two fingers. On smartphones, copying an image URL Ws Database via a browser requires clicking on the image and holding your finger on the screen until the copy option appears.

For people who use the Chrome browser created by Google, image searches are even easier. Google Chrome has an option in its context menu that takes you directly to this tool, called Search Image with Google . This function significantly reduces search time and allows you to quickly find what you need.

You Can Copy the Image Link on Both Computers

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Searching using a URL link is not the only option that allows you to find information about the graphics you are interested in. The second way is to use an image WS Database IN saved on a computer or mobile device for this purpose. As with the previous option, to use this option you need to go to the Google Images website and select the camera icon.

After this step, place the selected photo in the field displayed. You can then use the Upload File option or drag the selected image and drop it here.

This option works on both desktop computers and mobile devices. In the Case of Smartphones. Or Tablets, However, You Can Not Only Add. The Photo You Are Interested. In, but Also Take a New One Directly. From Google Images.

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