How important is consistency in everyday life

How important is The friend was very sad and asked him: Can I help? Tell me what happened, an example of empathetic behavior. Notice that you are sad and tell a friend: I’m sorry, I’m not going out today, I need to be alone, this is an example of consistent behavior. Furthermore, the concept of coherence is related to, but not identical to, the concepts of consciousness and authenticity. Mindfulness involves tracking and recognizing one’s emotions, reactions, and thoughts, but without communicating them to others. Authenticity has been described as a person’s ability to be themselves.

Give up imposed social roles

Don’t pay attention to motivation. The closest word to Uruguay Mobile Database consistency is sincerity. However, these words are not intended to be synonyms. May be sincere, but not outwardly visible, eg, lack of mastery of nonverbal communication. As Cal  wrote, man cannot judge his own consistency. Should a successful person be consistent? It only manifests itself in the context of communication, so we will consider its significance for communication and communicators separately.

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The importance of consistency in communication

Carl Rogers believed that consistency is essential to WS Database IN communication because it creates an environment of trust. The more consistent a person’s feelings, words and deeds, the easier he is to be understood, the less he will arouse hidden protests and dishonest, manipulative suspicions from his interlocutors. Conversation partners don’t need to be considerate of each other, they feel safe and therefore willing to actively listen and empathize. While this may seem obvious at first glance, little actual research has shown the importance of consistency for communication. It’s actually hard to measure.

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