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Lies provocations, etc. are inconsistent by default, because the person using these techniques deliberately hides feelings, saying things that are completely different from what he thinks. How the term “coherence” in psychology came to be ) ) treat. The focus of Rogers therapy is not to impose problem-solving solutions on the client, but to make sure he can.

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Believes that for this to happen, the facilitator must be consistent. In many ways, this means that instead of trying to look like a detached professional, the psychologist Malaysia Mobile Database should show who he is and stay true to  . Experts are still debating exactly practice. Consistency in other fields comes from Latin, and consistency can be translated as consistency, correspondence. The term is not only used in psychology: in geometry, if a figure can.

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Using rotation, mirroring, or translation) are called congruent WS Database IN figures. In anatomy, articular surfaces whose shapes correspond to each other are considered congruent. Chemists refer to congruent melting, where the composition of the resulting liquid matches that of the original solid. Consistency and Empathy Consistency is sometimes confused with empathy. Yes, both words involve understanding feelings and reflecting that understanding in your actions, but the difference is that empathy involves recognizing the emotions of others and noticing.

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