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If on a budget it Packages like this are available for as low as $5 per month and they’ll even generate and submit a video sitemap for you (more on that later).  on the dollar year. Here are some other hosting options to help you serve video from your own domain: How to Host and Embed Videos in Amazon Simple Storage Server ( ) Long Tail Video For more technical and video production dos and don’ts be sure to check out our recent meetup in London Demo in: Provided in full.

Transcript via video

One way to get more content on a page is to provide Ghana Mobile Database full-text transcripts. Programs like transcription services that you can use ($ per video) also have real people watching the video and typing it in manually. It is also possible to transcribe   your video his will also help users who may not be able to hear the video for any reason (at work, on the bus, deaf, surfing on an odd device type, etc.). Title, Meta Description, and Filename You want to make sure your video is powerful, viral, and catchy.

Cell Phone number List

Titles can contain keywords but

Not at the expense of the quality of the title itself. Take all the skills you learned while writing incredible blog post titles and apply them to your videos! Note WS Database IN that people also tend to add the word video to the end of their searches. It wouldn’t hurt to do some keyword research around some target keywords and the word video when trying to form a suitable title. Have your own keyword research tool Use this data even if you host your own videos because this data shows that people are one.

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