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Skills for creating a content plan, promotion strategy, analytics, advertising In Selection Surveys launch, cooperation with bloggers and In Selection Surveys advertisers, creating high quality content. In addition to the ability to work with useful programs and services for Instagram. Teachers Daria Semenova Influencer Relations Manager at MyPartners , Anna Golik SMM Specialist , Daria Cherenkova SMM Strategist and Targetologist and other experts. The duration of the course is months.

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The cost is , rubles without a discount , with a discount , there is an installment plan for months. Storymaker by Skillbox Instagram South Korea B2B List Stories Courses Stories are betcoming the main type of content on Instagram. Now the ability to create a story is an indispensable skill for promotion in Insta. In this Skillbox course, learn how to attract followers, warm up and build audience loyalty, and sell stories. Suitable for betginners who want to master the profession of Storymaker , SMM specialists, bloggers, content managers, entrepreneurs.

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What is include in the course modules + diploma introduction to the profession positioning of personal brand and corporate brand in stories development WS Database IN of a strategy and content plan direct content creation how to shoot, what to shoot, techniques, formats and features visual packaging of stories + creation of corporate identity storytelling how it works + how to write storytelling scripts stories as a marketing tool how the sales funnel works in Stories real case analysis prepare like an expert.

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