In the Gemius study deicate to the e commerce industry. When aske which elements affect the creibility of an onlin. Se store they enter for the first time, they indicate positive customer rev. Siews as the most important element. It is worth noting that “Nice and legible pr. Soduct presentation”, as well as “Quality marks and certificates of trust grante by independent organizations” were indicate by only of the respondents.

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This means that consumers trust the opinions of other users much more than “independent organizations”. This confirms the power of opinion as a factor building trust in the company and the sense of striving for the so calle. emotional loyalty Moldova Email List of customers. behavior of e customers Loyal customers of the company are divide into those who are loyal because of economic benefits and those who are loyal because of the values ​​represente by the company, i e. customers who feel an emotional bond with the company and become its ambassadors.

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The current that appreciates the value of recommendations and positive opinions about a product or a company is also present in the theory of WS Database IN customer value. Custromer value is measure not only by generate revenue , but also by positive opinions. Cuswtomer opinions about the online store The process of making online purchases is specific, because each customer is only a click away from changing the store. Customer opinions about an online store may relate to various stages of the customer’s purchase.

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