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Sprout Social has an action planner that allows you to plan your work or work productively in a team. The number of participants depends on the chosen tariff plan Advantages A creit card is not require for registration. There are dashboards. Monitor brand mentions. Publication planning. Allows you to publish content on multiple sites. Flaws No competitor analysis. You cannot set keyword filters. Work with opinion leaders is not provide. Minter io Minter io is a service for analyzing accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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It allows you to measure the mood of the audience, measure traffic, track brand hashtags, etc. Installation Web application. Integration Only with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Price Free trial period days. The minimum price is per month per account. For this money, you will receive analytics and email notifications. Interface The main Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List page contains a report on the audience. In your personal account information about the number of subscribers, the number of new and unsubscribe subscribers The Publications section provides information on the number of posts and data on the level of audience engagement in the context of these posts.

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You can then see which posts got the most likes, comments, how many people share them, track the reach of each post, and more. Minter io helps you determine the best time to post, find out what types of posts photos, videos, music, text messages WS Database IN get the most attention from your audience. You can also use it to find out which hashtags receive the most conversions. Advantages Does not require card binding during authorization. Affordable rates suitable for small businesses. Dashboards. Report and analysis. Keyword filters. Watch for brand mentions. Flaws There is no release scheule. No competitor analysis. There is no mobile app. You may not post content to multiple sites.

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