There is a second option for creating messages for polls. In the text of the publication, offer subscribers three or four answers. In the last paragraph, ask the audience to write a number with the answer. How to make a poll in a story steps Usually polls are conducte in stories there are special tools for creating such content. We will teach you how to conduct surveys in steps. The first step is to start creating a new story. Select an image or photo for the background.

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If this is a thematic review, find a suitable picture. For example, in the store you can not choose jeans. So, let’s choose a photo of clothes as a background. Second step click on the emoji sticker it’s at the top of the screen. Create an Instagram Poll Add new sticker Gibraltar Email List to stories Select the Browse tool. Choose a sticker for the poll in stories Poll sticker Step three ask a question write any text. For example Do you like the content of our profile? Click Done in the top right corner.

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Membership Application Survey text The poll will appear on the main screen move it to any part of the background. But it is better if the sticker is in the center there it is more noticeable. Step four publish your story. Subscribers will now be able to WS Database IN complete the survey. Questions and tests Among the stickers in the stories, there are two more interesting tools questions and a test. Let’s see what these stickers are for. Requests. You can ask subscribers any questions in the stories. For example How can I help you promote your Instagram account.

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