Examining Factors Influencing a Healthy Lifestyle For each participant, the researchers calculat individual indicators of a healthy lifestyle.  diet with at least the recommend amount of food from the following food groups: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, salt, butter, eggs, grains, legumes, nuts and tea; Regular exercise: 1 minute or more of moderate exercise or 1 minute or more of vigorous exercise per week; active social contact, seeing family and friends, and attending meetings or gatherings at least twice a week.

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Participate in other mental activities twice less; if a person   has never smok, it is automatically count. The range of outcomes for each participant in the Netherlands Mobile Database study was. Bas on these results, volunteers were divid into three lifestyle groups: good (1 health factor), fair (1 health factor) and poor (1 health factor). It is then further divid into two categories: carriers and those who do not carry the gene. Healthy lifestyle check in mind.

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Scientists conduct a comprehensive analysis. They found that a healthy diet slow memory decline first, follow by cognitive activity and finally exercise. Even if a person had the gene and liv a healthy lifestyle, memory decline was much slower than in people without the gene because they ignor the researchers’ advice. You can start taking action at a WS Database IN young age People who have one or two elements of a healthy lifestyle develop dementia or mild cognitive impairment more than those with the least and near-healthy lifestyles, respectively.

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