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The ice mass is gradually decreasing, and the temperature in central Greenland is С hotter than the average temperature of the past year. Earth’s ice caps are beginning to melt faster due to unusually high temperatures. The amount of ice in -observed year in January. Ice sheets store vast amounts of fresh water, which helps cool the atmosphere. Scientists have calculated that if all glaciers melted completely, the world’s sea levels would rise by about 100 meters. The coast will be washed away and residents of coastal towns will have to relocate.

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However, it will take at least a few hundred years before the Honduras Mobile Database glacier is completely destroyed. Scientists believe that climate change is likely to be the cause of deadly floods in Pakistan this year. Precipitation hit a record high: Rain flooded about a third of the country’s territory. UN estimates floods have affected million people. About 10,000 people were forced to leave their homes. At least $100 million is needed to restore homes and farms, and to restore people affected by the flooding.

Cell Phone number List

Antarctica reached its lowest level in a satellite

Research has shown that many people cannot reliably distinguish between photos of real faces and computer-generated images. Understanding why this is a WS Database IN problem and what to do about the creation of faces used for espionage A profile appeared in the US media last summer with a computer-generated photo of its profile picture.  U.S. officials and other influential people. Hackers often use the generated photos to create fake profiles to monitor social media, experts say. How AI Creates Faces Deep neural networks are used to create fake faces. It studies massive amounts of data using real faces, then generates new images based on the millions of images it receives that are visually indistinguishable from real images.

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