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Can we help you? Vote for and Win! (Tickets) Partner Our dear colleague and her partner ne your support in the annual dance partner election. We’d love it if you could vote for Dancing Couple. You could win a ride on the Cologne Rose Monday train! You can watch a video of the dancing couple here: Click here to accept the marketing and activate this content Years of Jungle Camp: Peace, Joy, Followers Now it’s over and probably the most boring Jungle Camp since the show start An interesting story or two written, and soon the memory.

Dancing Couple of the Year

Of this miocre season and its contestants Mexico Phone Number List will fade too ( contestants?). But aside from fees and two weeks of airtime, what’s left for campers? Who can use the stage for themselves? Two weeks ago, the German Institute for Marketing Research conduct an analysis of the social mia channels of candidates for the jungle camp. Now that the jungle queen has been crown, let’s take stock and see who has the most fans. We choose the king of the social mia jungle. To this end, we analyz the number of followers of campers on the five most important social networks before and after bush camp. Jungle Camp follower analysis As the infographic clearly shows, Angelina Haig has gain the most followers since the show began, despite her voluntary departure from the show in the first few days. But she’s cleverly using her days off to keep.

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Her fans up-to-date on social mia. (that WS Database IN luxury, but thanks to regular posting (by management?!), she earn a solid second place (followers). The percentage increase in followers was also measur as dear celebrities came into camp with different numbers of followers. And lo and behold: The number of followers has grown unbelievably. Candidates for the Feral Presidency went from followers (before moving to camp) to followers in two weeks. Clear evidence of Walter Freiwald’s interest in the audience. Let’s hope there will be an employer or two among the fans. What about Marengirzer? Will the reigning queen of the jungle and public darling be able to gain a following.

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