Test engineer from zero to middle. Netology RUB , Well from Linked To Each Other rub. Month Start Anytime. Duration months, sessions per week. Format online webinars are held, dz is checke, there is a chat of cadets Opportunities help in finding a job, writing a resume and interview Course on netology ru Profession Tester from Skillbox. Website skillbox ru Duration of training is months. The cost of training is , rubles per month. The online course for QA testers is designe for both beg. Sinners with no programming skills and beginners.

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During the academic year, students will learn all types of software, web and mobile application testing, and acquire the skills to professionally use Cuba B2B List tester tools. Course program web application tests text fields, numbers, registration and authorization forms, interface elements, cross browser and cross platform tests HTML CSS, JS, advance CSS for layout and testing sQL and databases running on GitHub tools for finding errors and simplifying testing test requirements, data from the server, usability, UI UX mobile application testing, Java development from to pro test automation English for the tester.

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During the training, the student will complete three graduation projects from real clients. Testing web applications in manual mode a large online portal and. Automate testing in Java for Android and iOS. Graduate. Skills bug reporting automatic and manual WS Database IN testing of web and mobile applications knowlege of JS, SQL, Git, layout acceptance and regression tests use of professional. Tools in the work. All program participants receive employment support assistance in writing a resume, portfolio design, preparing for an interview, access to a close database of vacancies from partner companies.

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