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Boy reading this article you will underst There all these basic concepts. First you neeto underst There which advertising campaigns are now paid advertising systems. Impressions are sold under the cost-per-click There cost-per-impression models. Expressing the ratio of clicks to impressions as a percentage is also an important concept. Another important term is conversion when the recipient reaches the advertising goal by clicking a link writing a message The buying a product etc. Via the contact form on the website. First let’s explore the basic concepts that will help us conduct our activities on the Internet. Ad impressions should not be confusewith page views. Click to click ads. CTR The ratio between ads There clicks. It measures the percentage of times an ad is shown There clickein this case the click-through rate. A conversion is countewhen someone takes a specific action on the page after interacting with an ad. The example you will use the contact form on the website The call. Conversion rate Conversion rate is the number of conversions divideby the number of ad interactions There clicks. 

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CPC The Video Views CPC is the ratio of advertising cost to the number of clicks on a given ad. CPM The amount paid The an ad impression. The cost per video is what it costs to watch an ad on. Cost-per-action pays The conversions such as Netherlands WhatsApp Number List making a purchase filling out a form The visiting a specific subpage. ROAS ROAS Target return on ad spend. Quality Score is a measure of the quality of your ad’s keywords There landing page.

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ShareSearch Impression Insights showcases the power of your search ads. It is calculateby dividing the number of ads by the total number of views you have received. This is one of the fundamental principles of the campaign’s goals. Determining the purpose of your ad affects the configuration of your campaign There which elements should be useto be successful. Targeting your ad is an important part of a successful advertising campaign. Thanks to different targeting methods we can show WS Database IN ads to the right target group at the right time. Thank you The reading these advertising concepts. 


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