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A company’s performance, image and profit depend on its marketing actions. The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is responsible for creating an effective promotion strategy – from the process of developing a new product to receiving positive feedback from consumers . The marketing director must have an excellent knowledge of the company. Its products or services, have strategic thinking and relevant hard skills formation of budgets, analytics. Evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing and business in general, etc. But first and foremost, he is the leader of the team involved in developing and implementing a successful marketing plan.

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CMOs find common ground with employees and build productive relationships with them. Content : Distribution of responsibilities between employees Setting objectives and defining KPIs for each position Eliminating the risk of burnout Balance in control Cell Phone Number List of work processes High-quality communication within the team Resolving internal conflicts Encouraging excellence The importance of subordinate feedback Team building At the same time, 45.7% of content creators surveyed have already introduced monetization for podcasts, and 36.2% are just planning to do so.

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Podcasts Dzherelo: Megogo Audio The researchers also identified. The most popular thematic categories of podcasts in Ukraine: Culture and art – 38.4%. History and society – 28.3%. News – 23.9%. Education – 22.5%. The respondents also identified what they lack Australia Phone Number in the Ukrainian market: podcast/audio content listeners – 24.7%; advertising and advertisers – 21.6%; variety of audio content – 14.4%. Taking into account the sample of respondents and the total number of podcasts on the market. We can conclude that the demand for the format is still low. So audio content is mostly created by enthusiasts and large companies seeking to support the development of podcasting. For these reasons, podcasts are used exclusively as an additional channel for brands to communicate.

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