My target is not the consumer who is looking

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But any algorithmic-bas  platform can be consider  a search engine. So i will be able to apply seo rules. The same goes for b2b . If i have a company that manages short-term rentals. My target is not the consumer who is looking for a short-term rental apartment. My target is the owner of the building who entrusts me with the property to generate income through short-term rentals. If i am a company that produces fabrics i will not talk about a particular fabric. But about large quantities. Rolls of tons. Industrial production.

I'm talking to the companies that buy


 If i sell photovoltaic panels i will be able to talk country email list about the differences between panel models. Energy sectors. The differences between gas and electricity… I imm iately filter my final target. If i talk about paper . I’m talking about tons. I’m talking to the companies that buy rolls of paper and that transform and process it. “are google results shown bas  on the person searching?” yes. If we are us  to doing particular searches. Google learns our preferences and returns the results that it thinks are of most interest to me.

Focusing on a single topic


 To avoid being track . Navigate incognito. Every browser offers the possibility to do so. “is it worth considering WS Database IN a few target  keywords? What are google’s reward criteria?” it depends on how long your strategy lasts; i’ve had a client for 5 years. I write 4 articles a month and i still manage to write for him. I would say to consider a few keywords. Focusing on a single topic (focus keyword). The other keywords will be relat . I have to be as vertical as possible. As i was saying . Start from the target. Go through the serp. Identify the keywords. Refine the search with seozoom and then work to improve the texts.

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