For example, you can upload a photo with any uniform aspect ratio, after which it will be automatically compresse to the desire scale. An example of a square VKontakte profile photo Users often use a vertical photo that automatically expands other markups on the page. In this case, the maximum Side is × pixels. At the same time, the rule mentione above with an increase in the length and width of the image is also relevant here, but adjuste for the aspect ratio, similar to ×. An example of a vertical profile for a VKontakte avatar.

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For a vertical image, the minimum Side is limite by the width of the photo. That is, it is impossible to set the avatar in horizontal orientation. Choose an orientation New Zealand Email List for a vertical VKontakte avatar The maximum height is limite to the previously mentione px value, which can be change to the minimum Side. Depending on the marke area, when ava is installe, the allowe area for preview selection is determine. The thumbnail itself is strictly limite to the square orientation and width set for the main profile photo. VKontakte avatar preview eit.

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This concludes this section of the article, as we have covere all the most important aspects. Cover Side for the mobile version of the site IMPORTANT More than WS Database IN of daily traffic in VK comes from mobile devices, so you nee to take into account the elements of the mobile phone interface and make appropriate indents pixels at the top and pixels at the eges. Mobile coverage margin Photo album. Side by There is a subtlety to photo album covers the bottom ege of the image overlaps the album title and is darkene. This darkening is interesting to reproduce in design.

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