New Year decorations in public places

New Year decorations persons snap off a branch of a glowing artificial tree in Butovo. Therefore, before the new festival arrives, urban decoration nes maintenance: remove dust and dirt, check for damage and repair it. Some designs, adding next year’s symbols and new elements. Unfortunately, due to reagents and constant contact with people,  will not be available for two seasons. But I like to give ornaments a second life: My team and I often repair and repaint pairs.

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Chatting Christmas trees or have an artistn plastic balls that Pakistan Mobile Database end up being completely different Christmas tree toys. Most of the festive decorations in Moscow and other cities are reus. Some designs appear on the high street for several years in a row. For example, the polar bears in Rostokino have entertain citizens for three years, and the huge Yule Ball on Boklonnaya Hill has decorat five capitals. After a few years, it is not uncommon for festive buildings adorning the center of Moscow to be sent to the suburbs. Hence, the patriarch’s bridge.

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Todin the luminous gazebo in Butovo-Gorky Park also fell into it. Malls are also promoting the reuse of holiday decorations. Press service: They treat the decorations WS Database IN responsibly: after the festival, all decorations are sent to their own warehouse for storage and restoration. It’s not uncommon for creative teams to reuse decorations, some even after years of storage, because they fit perfectly into creative concepts. Marketing Director: Landscapes are stor in our warehouse. Sometimes we reuse the ex.

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