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These people adapt differently to the rhythms of urban life, which is why some of them, installe on the outskirts of the most important and populate cities, decide to cultivate small gardens. In this relatively spontaneous way. Aurban gardens were born in Spain. Work directly with the DSPs and, despite not having RTB’s own technology, they are people specialize in this type of advertising, so they can intervene to optimize the campaigns.

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In the case of a Meia Agency Trading Desk, get an agency commission and negotiate a CPM spread.SSPs Sell Side Platforms : they Afghanistan Mobile Database represent publishers meia that offer advertising space for sale. Its objectivesmarketing databases. affiliate. A networks They are companies that offer you a group of spaces where you can insert your advertising.

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They are large scale networks that make it easier for you to search for spaces, since they have the necessary. A information on the websites where it would be better for you to include your advertising. For affiliate. A marketing to work, it is WS Database IN necessary to take into account several aspects that can be divide into two large areas: By affiliates The selection of the spaces where your advertising will appear must be very meticulous. It is necessary to choose an affiliate program that allows you to meet your objectives.


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