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QA Engineer. Or a test engineer. Here, unlike freelancing, you will paid for the work, and not for the errors found. Where to find a job for an inexperience software tester? Yes, a lot of places! The main thing is to train well. What I wrote above. So. QA engineers are waiting with open arms Companies developing any software Game Developers Mobile App Developers Financial companies such as banks. Or stock brokers System integrators. If you don’t know who I am, don’t just remember the name Sometimes factories or manufacturing companies.

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Web Research In short, you will not left without a job! And the best part is that the work of a tester is in great demand in Western companies. And they pay better. Automate testing in Java Skill Box rub. Well from rub. month Start September , Duration Tunisia WhatsApp Number List months, hours per week Format lessons are recorde, teachers control dz, there is a chat of cadets Features the most famous school. Access to course records is permanent Course on skillbox ru. Communication skills and job search What to master? Any job search involves an interview, and sometimes a test task or a logical task.

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The specifics of the work is such that a QA engineer has to communicate with a huge number of people. Communication skills are one of the most important in this profession. How? Books are a useful resource for expanding your horizons, but WS Database IN despite the list below, the main source of knowlege is the practice of communication. Just do it. The profession of a tester is not suitable for misanthropes. I Heard Right Through You , Mark Goolston Communication Mastery How to get along with anyone, Paul McGee How to Talk to Anyone by Mark Rhodes Enchantment Activation by the Secret Service Method.

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