Of the event here: Buy your tickets now! This article was publish on Jan. Year and month releas by the team, Tazhong ucation, ucation Marketing, : Tazhong ucation, personnel management, congress of continuing ucation, work of leading cadres. We support companies with seminars, training courses, consulting methods and coaching! Exchange, Product Manager, Which online stores are easiest to find? Top 10 Most Popular Online Stores Online stores are especially popular during the Christmas season. You escape the stress and hustle and bustle of the city.

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To do all your  own home. But which online store New Zealand Phone Number List does the user use to make the purchase? On the one hand, this always depends on the products offer, but on the other hand, it also depends on the ease of finding various online stores and the use of social mia channels. The potential customer problem can only be solv and the so-call online presence built if the store is easy to find and uses social networks in a target manner. In order to analyze the different online stores, we at the German Marketing Institute have develop and us the.

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Christmas shopping in the comfort of your

Online Reach Index). It determines the WS Database IN influence . For this purpose, the websites, , , and channels of the store were analyz. Generally speaking, it can be said that online stores with higher index values ​​can also reach more people and fans through the Internet than online stores with poorer performance. Below you can find the online stores with the highest online reach right now and you will be surpris how ten popular online stores compare. By far the largest impact online, mainly through increas use of social mia channels. No other store has as much strength on.

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