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Contact for accessing a profile without access to an account. If your profile has been hacke or blocke for some unknown reason, or if you simply cannot log in. Uou nee to contact technical support. You can write without logging into your account. Both from your phone and from your computer. You can contact technical support. Erom your phone through a friend’s account. To do this, you will nee to provide proof that you are the owner of the requeste account. Please provide an email address where you can receive a response.

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The algorithm of actions from the computer is as follows Open the web version of Instagram At the bottom of the page, you nee to find Help and click on it. Instagram Help Center will open in a new tab In the list of Real resources find Account Austria WhatsApp Number List registration. On the page that opens, click I can’t sign up for Instagram because there is an account with my email address or phone number The words contact us will highlighte in blue. Click on them On the new page, select the desire problem and describe it in the window that appears. Send.

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Before sending an email to technical support, make sure that you entere your account information correctly and in the correct format, do not log in, and that the help center instructions do not work. Detaile information about account recovery WS Database IN can found there without asking for help. How to recover your Instagram account if you forgot your email If, in addition to your password, you have forgotten your email address or password , recovering your Instagram account will more difficult. Forgotten email address If you don’t remember which email you registere with Instagram, try resetting your password see above , but you nee to remember the login.

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