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Once you are happy The number of prospects who are connect to one of your teammates. Just click on it and then your will see on these people display in the search engine. ask for teamlink intro If you want to run linkin prospecting campaigns on these people you can extract these search results with Evaboot. Export Sales Navigator leads for free It allows you to get these leads into a CSV and find their emails. What is Teamlink Extend on Linkin? Linkin Teamlink Extend is the exact same thing as Teamlink expect it allows.

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The network of everyone in your company. Instead seo expate bd of having access to the network of your teammates (maximum people), you can now have access to all your colleague’s network. linkin teamlink extend This is feature is really powerful because it x the potential warm introductions you can get. How to Use Teamlink Extend on Linkin Sales Navigator? Exactly like classic Linkin teamlink, activate the “With Teamlink intro” filter and you will be able to see all the leads that have at least one connection inside your company.

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Cousins you’d be surpris to see how little i WS Database In s the world. how to use linkin teamlink extend After you spott some opportunities, just click on “Message” and ask an intro to your colleague. ask for teamlink intro Other Features of Linkin Sales Navigator Team Teamlink is not the only feature Sales Navigator Team has to offer to boost your linkin outreach results. There is also smartlinks and account list creation through CSV upload. I go through everything that is possible using Sales Navigator Team in this video, so make sure to check it if you think about upgrading your Sales Navigator subscription. How useful was this post? Click on a star to rate it Average rating.

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