Morning of 2019: Research Continuing ucation Databases Market Research Sales Growth Global Market Research Sales Global sales in the market research industry grew in 2019. The industry thus achieves global sales of USD 100 million, equivalent to EUR 100 million.  Research for the report year, which compares the sales of market research agencies across country regions. The report shows that sales trends vary widely across regions: In 2010, sales in 10 countries increas, while sales in 2 countries decreas. North America, the most important market by any means, will be the biggest growth driver globally with sales growth.

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The situation in Asia is different.  (years) to Philippines Phone Number List which equat to a drop in growth of percentage points. Growth that can only be achiev in the Japanese market. Overall, sales in the Asia-Pacific region increas. Market research lags behind in Europe In Europe, industry sales for market research fell for the third year in a row. Year, sales fell. The culprits for these poor figures are economies weaken by the euro crisis, such as Cyprus ( ) and Portugal ( ). On the other hand, the Greek market seems to be stabilizing again, with industry volumes only falling. The German market, previously guarante to be stable, also record a drop in sales. Measuring Inhibiting Sales Online Methodologically, quantitative surveys account for approximately two-thirds.

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In China the growth rate fell from

Of global market research sales. -to-face surveys WS Database IN and (Computer Assist Telephone Interview). The market share of online surveys is currently , but is declining. However, this only refers to sales. Blam the drop in sales on an intensifying price war. In other words: online learning and online surveys aren’t getting less expensive, they’re just getting cheaper. According to the report, another reason for the slow growth of online methods in market research is the increasing use of digital measurements. Digital measurements, which account for 1% of the global market research volume, grew by.

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