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You will not find an automaton that does not know Option Left How Else how to test the program manually. And many manual testers don’t like routine, so they learn programming languages ​​and write automate tests. Experience specialists can perform the work of both a manual operator and an autotester. What personal qualities does a tester nee? In addition, the personal qualities of a specialist are very important in tests. Here is a list of the main ones that you absolutely cannot do without.

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Perseverance and Perseverance Patiently looking for faults. A good tester is sure that there are no error free programs, but only erroneously diagnose programs. Critical thinking, ability to analyze information. Attention to detail, maximum meticulousness Colombia B2B List to constantly ask “What happens if you click here? What if you bring in another character? Communication and Teamwork Skills The tester must interact with developers, designers, business analysts, and customer representatives on a regular basis. Patience and composure, because developers are not very fond of fixing bugs.

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Sometimes a tester has to remember a bug found more than once or twice. He must be persistent, but at the same time be able to maintain good relations in WS Database IN the team. Responsibility and healthy perfectionism in the constant pursuit of improving the quality of the product being develope. The ability to clearly formulate your thoughts, competently come up with test plans and cases. If a tester discovers a bug, they should describe it in detail and understand under what conditions it occurs so that developers can quickly fix it.

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